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Holiday Traditions


One of my favorite things about the holiday season is that families can easily create there own traditions. I am finding that as I grow older and create my own family with my wife and Ziggy-kitty, I get so much joy learning about how other families celebrate their holidays.
As we approach Christmas, I am floating on a cloud of red-green-glitter induced joy. That could be because I spend my days hanging out with Santa. This time of year brings out the little kid in me.

Of course I can’t keep my holiday sparkle to myself. So, I invite you to share with me a bit about how you celebrate.

One of my most treasured Christmas traditions involves tree trimming. For as long as I can remember my mom has, left a beautifully wrapped package for us to open on Christmas Eve. They always contained a new holiday ornament.

When I moved out and got my own house, my mom packed up my ornaments and sent them to me. I was able to deck my halls with ornaments that held so  many holiday memories.

It’s a tradition that Anne and I have continued in the four Christmases we have shared. It’s one I plan to continue with any future children.

Whats your favorite family tradition? Please share.



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