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Wednesday Wish List: Snow White

It is no secret that I am completely inspired by fairy tales, and I pretty much have been my entire life. The new show, Once Upon A Time only adds fuel to that fire. While loosing myself in a fairy tale world each week brings me joy, it has also helped inspire me in my crafting, blogging, business-running world. From now until Christmas, I will be transforming our regular Wednesday Wish Lists in to inspirational, holiday shopping guides. Of course, each week, we will feature a new treasury, inspired by a new fairy tale character.

Snow White has always been a favorite of mine.  Just ask me how much I love that Ginnifer Goodwin plays her character on Once Upon A Time.  She’s beautiful and absolutely shines in the role.



This week’s Wednesday Wish List is made just for Snow White, or any woodland dwelling, animal loving, romantic woman in your life.


‘Just for Snow White…’ by BeeWeave

Shabby Chic Paris Chic White…


Horse Photograph, 8×10, TOGE…


dandelion necklace – white g…


White Rabbit Fur Collar


Advent Tea Calendar: 25 Whit…


Owl Photo Print “Myster…


Pure White Soft Shawl with l…


Christmas Snow, winter photo…


rustic chic wedding hair wre…


White Pearl and Sterling Sil…


Decorative Pillow Cover, Red…


Christmas ornaments / Christ…


White Glass Opal Ring


Hootie Owl Figurines – V…


Red Rose on White Pillow 14x…


Chocolate Shortbread // Snow…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.


Wednesday Wish List: The Key to Flight

This Treasury comes straight out of my dreams. Since I was a little girl, I have always wished that I could go play with the birds, fly along, make nests. Enjoy!


‘The Key to Flight ‘ by BeeWeave

gold feather earrings


Feather Headband – Vintage I…


treasures – hand carved rubb…


Indian Chief Eagle Feather …


heirloom wood journal with a…


light as a feather art print…


dictionary art vintage baroq…


Leather Feather Earrings – b…


farrah. a colorful feather …


Terrarium Skeleton Key Neckl…


Black Leather Journal with A…


24 Plump bird ornaments, Col…


Personalized Key Necklace Sk…


Christmas Tree Ornament – Ho…


Patina Owl and Wood Necklace…


Steampunk Key and Feather Ea…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Wednesday Wish List: Yarn Wreaths

I have been spotting these vibrant, creative yarn wreaths all over the internet lately. These beauties top the list of crafts I want to learn to make. For now, I’m just lusting after these beautiful items for sale on Etsy.

Sources: 1. AnnaHailey  2. polkadotafternoon 3. BlossomandVine 4. Ragamuffin Design 5. astrausa 6. April421 7. swimlittlefish

Wednesday Wish List: Sunglasses!

I have a confession: I am a bit of a blog addict. My reader is regularly full of posts from the bloggers out there making their living with creative, crafty lifestyles. From fashion bloggers, to blog designers, to thrift queens, to handmade geniuses, I am always on the lookout for something new and inspirational. Reading the posts of someone else making a go of their handcrafted life provides me with so much inspiration, especially on those days where freelancing is hard and life just feels difficult.

Recently, I fell in love with Beca of Tales of a Tumbleweed. I can’t exactly remember how I discovered her, but I am pretty sure it was through her sponsorship on another blog. Beca and her boyfriend, Doug create the most beautiful, handmade, wooden sunglasses. Their shop: Tumbleweeds Oddities  is full of rare and beautiful creations.

Now, I am a girl who LIVES in jeans and t-shirts, with the occasional sundress or yoga pant ensemble thrown in. Despite my super-casual style, I do enjoy the pretty, feminine or unexpected accessory. I love, LOVE, love sunglasses and the first time I saw Beca and Doug’s, they blew me away. So, without further adieu…here Tumbleweed’s wooden sunglasses in all their glory.

Pewee Herman inspired

Olive Burl Clubmaster Style

American Walnut Wayfayer Style

Lace Wood and Olive Burl Two-tone Glasses

Zebra Wood Wayfayer Style

Italian Black Wood and Karelian Two-tone Style

 Each piece is unique, as the grains of each piece of wood veneer differs slightly from one another. So sporting a pair of Tumbleweed glasses truly makes you unique. Stop on over and give Beca a shout out, or scoop up your favorite pair today.



PS. All photo are copywright of Tumbleweed’s Oddities.

Wednesday Wish List: Rainbows

In honor of all of the storms that have been washing away the excessive heat in the Northeast these days, my Wednesday wishlist this week is all about rainbows. Maybe if I get lucky I will even have an opportunity to spot a few today after the showers roll through.

How adorable is this dollie bed set…

Hemp and “friendship” bracelets always remind me of summer. This one feels both modern and fresh, perfect for a stylish, playful lady.

I adore these little crocheted gnomes. In fact, they remind me a lot of the critters I make for my future Beeweave store. I think there may have to be a line of rainbow creatures in the future.

How adorable is this little one? I can just imagine getting a baby girl all dolled up in a tutu for birthday pictures. Wouldn’t this look great in a gallery of family portraits?

Although rainbows always evoke memories of spring or summer for me, this beautiful painting reminds me that they are beautiful in any season.

Images: Rainbow Doll Sheets: Quietude Quilts,  Hemp Bracelet or Anklet: Idaho Hemp Works, Rainbow Gnomes: lilcrittersandthings, Rainbow Tutu Set: Alli Balli Bands,  Abstract Winter Rainbow Wall Painting: elestudio

Stay tuned…I have some new things planned, including paying more attention to this little blog of mine!

Wendesday Wish List: All About Art

One of my favorite ways to past the time is to scour the pages of Etsy looking for new and interesting children’s toys. As an aunt, a nanny and a future children’s handmade toy store owner, I always want to get a feel for what’s going on out there.  Today, I am focusing on objects that encourage creativity and art.

The child I nanny loves all things art and creativity, as do I, which is probably why we are a good match. These are the things that I covet adding to our list of play toys.

Sources: Kitty Crayons: Kittybblove, Crayon Truck: MidWest Gifts, Crayon Roll Poppins: K Davis Creates, Owl Activity Wallet: Eco Hip Custom Designs,  Cowboy Crayons: CourtneyRoo21, Alphabet Crayons: Ivy Lane Designs, Farmer’s Market Crayons: Earth Grown Crayons

Edit: Clearly, I don’t know my Tuesdays from my Wednesdays when it comes to scheduling posts, so you’re getting this a day early. Enjoy!

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