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I get to spend my days with Santa. Even during the slow moments…like now…this job of pretty, darn awesome. Even on the days when Santa is sleepy, I absolutely love this job.

It has its moments. Nothing is perfect, but right now…I am grateful. I wish I had more time to devote to Beeweave and this little blog. I will…with time.

I also know that I will find a post-holiday job I love, that also allows me to grow Beeweave.

With Thanksgiving just a few short days away, gratitude is a hot blog topic this week. As I continue to grow in this life, I am beginning to see just how much I value gratitude. I am grateful for so much.

Even when the holidays wind down and its no longer at the forefront of everyone’s minds I want to practice being grateful.

I plan to incorporate more lists of simple gratitude around these parts.

As always, stay tuned…there are some big things on the horizon.



Wednesday Wish List: Yarn Wreaths

I have been spotting these vibrant, creative yarn wreaths all over the internet lately. These beauties top the list of crafts I want to learn to make. For now, I’m just lusting after these beautiful items for sale on Etsy.

Sources: 1. AnnaHailey  2. polkadotafternoon 3. BlossomandVine 4. Ragamuffin Design 5. astrausa 6. April421 7. swimlittlefish

Request for Advice: Urban Farming

Amoungst all the other things going on my brain lately: creating for my upcoming shop, trying to figure out my next career move, editing book drafts, dealing with a dying car…I am really focusing on what I want from life. After a recent book read forced me to really think about how finances play into my future, and what I want from the future, I realized I want a more sustainable/handmade life.

None of this sentiment really surprised me, except the depth and breadth of those feelings. I have been kicking around the idea of staring a back porch garden, but never got one of off the ground for the summer. I am thinking of a autumn/winter harvest.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for autumn vegetables that grow well in shade?

Summer Treat: Fruity Floats

In my never-ending search for a sweet, refreshing summer time treat, I have been getting creative in the kitchen (which is one of my favorite things to do). After some experimentation, I am sipping on a my new favorite summer indulgence: Fruity Floats.

Gather up your supplies including your favorite sherbert (I used lime), fruit-flavored sparkling water (tropical over here), ice, a cup and a straw.

Fill up your cup with ice and add a few scoops of sherbert. If your sparkling water is chilled, you can probably skip the ice. I always add it because I enjoy the sherbet covered cubes at the end.

Finish off by pouring some of the sparkling water over the ice and sherbet. Garnish with a straw and enjoy. Not only is it refreshing and tasty, but the colors just scream out fun.

Now, I want some fun, colored cups and fun paper straws to dress these up a little. Grab the kids and have some fun creating your own. Let me know if you come up with any excellent flavor combinations.



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