Holiday Traditions


One of my favorite things about the holiday season is that families can easily create there own traditions. I am finding that as I grow older and create my own family with my wife and Ziggy-kitty, I get so much joy learning about how other families celebrate their holidays.
As we approach Christmas, I am floating on a cloud of red-green-glitter induced joy. That could be because I spend my days hanging out with Santa. This time of year brings out the little kid in me.

Of course I can’t keep my holiday sparkle to myself. So, I invite you to share with me a bit about how you celebrate.

One of my most treasured Christmas traditions involves tree trimming. For as long as I can remember my mom has, left a beautifully wrapped package for us to open on Christmas Eve. They always contained a new holiday ornament.

When I moved out and got my own house, my mom packed up my ornaments and sent them to me. I was able to deck my halls with ornaments that held so  many holiday memories.

It’s a tradition that Anne and I have continued in the four Christmases we have shared. It’s one I plan to continue with any future children.

Whats your favorite family tradition? Please share.



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4 thoughts on “Holiday Traditions

  1. Something I really truly miss is the 7 fish italian dinners we’d have Christmas Eve at Grandma & Grandpa’s in South Philly. Definitely miss it… Also, it was tradition growing up to open most of our Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve and then just a really special gift or two on Chritmas Day- my mom used to work Christmas day because she was frequently a manager at whatever job she had… I love decorating, however with our cats and such a tiny apartment, I don’t think we’re decorating, this year…

    • I am not decorating either. With moving it is just too much. Luckily I get my fix at work. Anne and I always end up exchanging our gifts early and spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day making the rounds of family.

  2. I remember when I was growing up that Mom and Dad would go pick out our Christmas tree, saw the end off, stick it in a bucket of water and put it out on the back porch. There the poor tree would sit and wait. The Christmas lights were put up in the windows…the candles and the red bells, my sister and I would get to work using Christmas stencils and Glasswax mixed with food coloring to decorate the porch windows and the mirrors. The Christmas cards were displayed on string over the doorway from the living room to the dining room and any place else we could string string and hang cards. The poor tree was still sitting in the bucket on the back porch the water frozen around it. Finally Christmas Eve would arrive and the tree would be brought in by Santa. Santa would set up the platform for the train, put all the plastic houses together and make a little town on the platform and then he would put the tree on the platform and decorate it. He always did such a great job!

    When I moved to Kansas many, many years ago I was shocked to learn that Christmas trees go up Thanksgiving day or soon after and they come down Christmas night or soon thereafter. I have never gotten used to this. The first time a saw a tree out at the curb the day after Christmas I about cried. Our tree never came down until after Epiphany.

    • I took the cards on a string or taped to the door tradition from my dad. This year I want to use any I get in a scrapbook. I never take down a tree until after New Years. Trees by the curb the day after Christmas would make me cry too.

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