Wednesday Wish List: Snow White

It is no secret that I am completely inspired by fairy tales, and I pretty much have been my entire life. The new show, Once Upon A Time only adds fuel to that fire. While loosing myself in a fairy tale world each week brings me joy, it has also helped inspire me in my crafting, blogging, business-running world. From now until Christmas, I will be transforming our regular Wednesday Wish Lists in to inspirational, holiday shopping guides. Of course, each week, we will feature a new treasury, inspired by a new fairy tale character.

Snow White has always been a favorite of mine.  Just ask me how much I love that Ginnifer Goodwin plays her character on Once Upon A Time.  She’s beautiful and absolutely shines in the role.



This week’s Wednesday Wish List is made just for Snow White, or any woodland dwelling, animal loving, romantic woman in your life.


‘Just for Snow White…’ by BeeWeave

Shabby Chic Paris Chic White…


Horse Photograph, 8×10, TOGE…


dandelion necklace – white g…


White Rabbit Fur Collar


Advent Tea Calendar: 25 Whit…


Owl Photo Print “Myster…


Pure White Soft Shawl with l…


Christmas Snow, winter photo…


rustic chic wedding hair wre…


White Pearl and Sterling Sil…


Decorative Pillow Cover, Red…


Christmas ornaments / Christ…


White Glass Opal Ring


Hootie Owl Figurines – V…


Red Rose on White Pillow 14x…


Chocolate Shortbread // Snow…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.


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