Lifestyle Makeover: Check-in and Some Changes

Honestly…I have still be struggling with achieving all of the goals I outlined for myself in my new Lifestyle Makeover here. But, it’s okay! Above all, I am sticking with my promise to treat myself kindly. Because if I can’t do that, how in the world can I expect anyone else to do so? I will continue to hold myself accountable and check-in here (if for no other reason than to continue that accountability), but I will not kick myself when I stumble. After all, I am only human.

My goals are still important. I still desire to:

1. Spend only what is necessary for bills, transportation and food.

2. Adopt better eating habits, focusing more on fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. Take a work break every day that involves some sort of physical activity.

4. Make time for yourself and the activities that keep you calm, relaxed and happy: reading, writing creatively, crafting, taking photos, etc.

5. Don’t give up! No goal or dream is too small or silly to work towards accomplishing.

In order to truly embrace these goals and prove to myself that they deserve to continue to be a priority, I am going to revamp my daily schedule. I think coming up with a successful work schedule I will find way to fit other activities into my day (such as yoga, long walks, cooking, photography and crafting). So, this week I am going to give myself a trial run in hopes that it helps me focus on work and find the balance I need in order to be able to accomplish other lifestyle goals. I will succeed because I will not stop trying.

This week, I am going to focus on six, solid days of work. Even though my favorite person is coming to visit this weekend, I will still keep my focus. I am going to work in cycles in order to avoid the burn-out I often feel with trying to focus on completely a goal-amount of work each day. I will work on two articles at a time, then take a break to accomplish something productive/soothing/creative. For example, I will work on two articles and then go do some yoga or take a walk. I will work on another two articles and then cook a healthy dinner. I will work on another two articles and then learn a new crochet stitch or work on a new scarf. I just restocked with a bunch of awesome new yarns, and I am so excited to get crafting.

I will complete three or four cycles of work per day (completing between six and eight articles). Obviously, I will have to adjust this new working schedule a bit on the weeks I nanny. Though, I will probably stick to something similar, just taking a longer break in the mid-afternoon when I go babysit. I am also kicking around a few new ideas to take my nanny career to a new level.

All in all,  I haven’t done so well on the three weeks that have passed since I decided to put some actionable goals in place. However, I am beyond excited at everything I have on the horizon. It may be raining (not literally…goodbye Hurricaine Irene) but I am not going to shut myself in side. Oh no, I am going to find that little girl who used to love the rain and go dancing in the puddles. This is going to be one crazy ride, but its a beautiful life.


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3 thoughts on “Lifestyle Makeover: Check-in and Some Changes

  1. Did you set a deadline for these goals? I find that to be the biggest motivator!

  2. Eeek, sorry I’m so behind on responding to this – I neglected Google Reader all week. Anyway, I like that you keep repeating the mantra of “treat myself kindly”, while still focusing on these major goals. I think keeping them at the front of your mind will help you accomplish them, even if you’re not moving as fast as you think you’re supposed to. I love the things you’re doing 😀

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