Week One: Check-in

Last week, I wrote about several areas of my life I am working to improve. I promised to use Monday’s as my check-in day and to be open and honest about my progress. Keeping those promises in mind, I have to report that last week was not the best. Sadly, I fell short on my goals for many of the days, but it is okay!  Though I listed specific goals, and I fully intend to renew those promises to work towards those goals each week, the underlying theme of this lifestyle makeover was to treat myself well.

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I am not always good at staying on track. Typically, when I fall off the wagon with something, I beat myself up over it and find myself so much further off the path.  This time, I am determined to reach my goals by treating myself well, being honest about my successes and failures. Instead of being an often-dreaded day of returning to work, Mondays are going to become days to which I look forward. This beginning of week will provide me with a weekly opportunity to renew my promises to myself. Each Monday will become cathartic and cleansing.

Last week, my goals were:

1. Spend only what is necessary for bills, transportation and food.

For the most part, I did okay on this goal. I am preparing to go on a trip in a few days, so my pantry is pretty bare. I did not want to restock it with things that were going to go bad while we are away. So, I spent more money on food than I would like, by eating out. I also made the decision that I needed some fun elements in my life.  Though I planned a family outing that was spectacular, I did will with only spending money for gas. Probably the only things truly unnecessary were some books (both Kindle and traditional) that I bought for my trip. Overall, I give myself a B- on the spending freeze. I have a feeling that this goal may become adjusted in the future.

2. Adopt better eating habits, focusing more on fresh fruits and vegetables.

While I was definitely more conscious of my choices last week, I did not always make the best decisions. There’s not really much to say on this front, except I am definitely looking forward to reaping the bounty of my mom’s garden during our visit this week. Overall, I give myself a C.

3. Take a work break every day that involves some sort of physical activity.

Here is where I definitely struggled the most. Last week featured a jam-packed schedule with both jobs. I was all over the place. Still, that work schedule is not going to change. In fact, it is a good thing because focusing on work is another priority: necessary for building a long-term career and necessary for fiscal responsibility. So, I need to shift my day by an hour or so, get up earlier or something to work in that exercise everyday. Overall, last week was a D.

4. Make time for yourself and the activities that keep you calm, relaxed and happy: reading, writing creatively, crafting, taking photos, etc.

When it comes to this goal, I actually surprised myself this past week. Often, when my schedule becomes insane I either get so bogged down I accomplish nothing, or I focus so intently, I ignore the rest of my life. Last week, I feel I actually did a really good job taking time out to decompress, or to spend time with loved ones. As a result, I did not get overwhelmed last week. I was able to focus on what was most important. I stayed happy within the chaos. I give myself an A.

5. Don’t give up! No goal or dream is too small or silly to work towards accomplishing.

Though last week was a struggle, with storm clouds hanging low, I am just packing my umbrella. I will keep pushing through. I will keep focusing on all that makes my life wonderful. I will continue to improve and grow, going after the lifestyle I crave. I am not giving up! 




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