Wednesday Wish List: Sunglasses!

I have a confession: I am a bit of a blog addict. My reader is regularly full of posts from the bloggers out there making their living with creative, crafty lifestyles. From fashion bloggers, to blog designers, to thrift queens, to handmade geniuses, I am always on the lookout for something new and inspirational. Reading the posts of someone else making a go of their handcrafted life provides me with so much inspiration, especially on those days where freelancing is hard and life just feels difficult.

Recently, I fell in love with Beca of Tales of a Tumbleweed. I can’t exactly remember how I discovered her, but I am pretty sure it was through her sponsorship on another blog. Beca and her boyfriend, Doug create the most beautiful, handmade, wooden sunglasses. Their shop: Tumbleweeds Oddities  is full of rare and beautiful creations.

Now, I am a girl who LIVES in jeans and t-shirts, with the occasional sundress or yoga pant ensemble thrown in. Despite my super-casual style, I do enjoy the pretty, feminine or unexpected accessory. I love, LOVE, love sunglasses and the first time I saw Beca and Doug’s, they blew me away. So, without further adieu…here Tumbleweed’s wooden sunglasses in all their glory.

Pewee Herman inspired

Olive Burl Clubmaster Style

American Walnut Wayfayer Style

Lace Wood and Olive Burl Two-tone Glasses

Zebra Wood Wayfayer Style

Italian Black Wood and Karelian Two-tone Style

 Each piece is unique, as the grains of each piece of wood veneer differs slightly from one another. So sporting a pair of Tumbleweed glasses truly makes you unique. Stop on over and give Beca a shout out, or scoop up your favorite pair today.



PS. All photo are copywright of Tumbleweed’s Oddities.


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One thought on “Wednesday Wish List: Sunglasses!

  1. So cool! I want some

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