Staying on Track

Sometimes, the best thing we can do for ourselves is to grant ourselves a bit of reprieve. In my last post, I mentioned all of my new goals. These are not tiny, little things and I have been here before. In fact, I feel like I have been working toward my “ideal” way of life for years now, without doing much but spinning my wheels.

The truth of the matter is that, I have a cycle. I get real with myself, spend a few weeks looking deep to find out  what I want in life. I create a battle plan, assess goals. And then…I have zero follow through. I am not really sure why that is. By this point, I have spent enough time and energy really analyzing what I need and want from my life. Honestly, I think I get scared. I set big, lofty goals. Reaching them is going to require a lot of work.

This time, I am going to succeed. What’s different? This time, I plan to treat myself a little better on this journey to achieving a happy, healthy life full of handmade magic. It’s a journey, that’s what I have to keep reminding myself on the hard days. Each journey begins with a step.

Yesterday, was a good day. I worked hard. I spent only a little, on items I actually needed. I made time to clear my mind and did some stretching before bed. I could have done more exercise. I could have spent nothing, but overall, I kept those goals in mind. I lived yesterday frugally, thoughtfully, creatively and passionately. While it wasn’t an A+, home-run kind of day, it was a day that was successful. I took those first steps, and it felt good.

Today, I have a had a few things sidetrack me when it comes to work, but it is okay. I am nannying for a few extra hours today, and if I need to make up the articles I missed by working another half-day on a typical day off, I will do so. While my brain does occasionally need a break, I also know it is easier to stay on track if I write something everyday.

Today, as the fog begins to roll in and I recognize the signs of a storm warning, I am prepared. It is only day 2 of my new journey, but I will not get knocked off track. I will remind myself that each day I can check something off on my list of goals is a successful day. Each day I keep those goals in the forefront of my mind is a happy day. Each day I take a step forward puts me on further down the path toward living a life of which I proud.

Today, I am going to find peace and serenity in the fog, rather than becoming afraid. Today, I am going to be strong.

What are you doing today?




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4 thoughts on “Staying on Track

  1. Beautifully said, Erin. I love this. We all need to be reminded at times to be kind to ourselves and that small steps are just as important as big ones! 🙂

    • yes, and as I am about to reveal in this Monday check-in…I fell down hard last week, but it’s okay. Instead of beating myself up (which would only cause me to continue to fall), I am dusting myself off and going after the life I want. If I don’t chase it, I will only look back and wonder what if.

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  3. sometimes the best thing for us is failure in the beginning.. It helps us to develop our bounce back muscles!

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