Lifestyle Makeover…

I am a girl who needs to stop being afraid of her own power to change. There are many things about my life that I celebrate and fully embrace. I like who I am, but there are things I know I can improve upon. Things I need to improve upon in order to have the lifestyle I truly crave. In the past, I have created blogs dedicated purely to my desire to adopt a healthier lifestyle, and I usually ended up abandoning them. Simply put, when I got a little off-track, I became fed up and stop updating. Well, isn’t the point of this entire blog project to create the kind of lifestyle I have always dreamed about? One that allows me to be creative, happy, healthy and frugal? If those are the values I say are important to me, I need to do more to embrace them.

So, I am creating a little challenge for myself. Beginning today (August 8th) through the first week of September, I am placing myself on an unnecessary spending freeze. My car really needs to be replaced, so that is driving motivation to truly stick to a budget. Also, I need to work on my eating habits. I got really good at eating healthier for a while, and then the ease of drive-thrus and the desire to stay out of my kitchen through me majorly off track. Finally, I need to adopt some sort of exercise into each and every day. I did pretty well with this last week, but its a train that needs to continue.

So, for the next four weeks, these are my goals:

1. Spend only what is necessary for bills, transportation and food.

2. Adopt better eating habits, focusing more on fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. Take a work break every day that involves some sort of physical activity.

4. Make time for yourself and the activities that keep you calm, relaxed and happy: reading, writing creatively, crafting, taking photos, etc.

5. Don’t give up! No goal or dream is too small or silly to work towards accomplishing.

I also want to try to use this blog more. I relaunched (I know, I know for like the third time in a year) here in order to have a space that was truly driven by me. In the past, I think my other blogs have been driven more by the desire to be a “blogger” than the desire to express what I need to express on the page. Beeweave is all about creating my life…the one I have been wanting to live for the past 28 years, but somehow always seem to hold myself back from going after full steam.

For the next four weeks, I am going to use Mondays as an opportunity to recap the previous week, focusing on the previously mentioned goals and opportunities. There is no better time for a fresh start than the present.




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