Request for Advice: Urban Farming

Amoungst all the other things going on my brain lately: creating for my upcoming shop, trying to figure out my next career move, editing book drafts, dealing with a dying car…I am really focusing on what I want from life. After a recent book read forced me to really think about how finances play into my future, and what I want from the future, I realized I want a more sustainable/handmade life.

None of this sentiment really surprised me, except the depth and breadth of those feelings. I have been kicking around the idea of staring a back porch garden, but never got one of off the ground for the summer. I am thinking of a autumn/winter harvest.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for autumn vegetables that grow well in shade?


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2 thoughts on “Request for Advice: Urban Farming

  1. I have this book, and I’m going to lend it to you:

    It’s a quick and engrossing read, and it’s inspiring/informative for people who have tricky gardening spaces. She recommends creativity, ingenuity, and thriftiness, and offers plenty of ideas along those lines.

    Also, the most recent Urban Farm magazine has an article entitled “No Sun? No problem.” I can lend that to you too. Here are some of the things they suggest:

    -Carrots and other root vegetables
    -Cherry tomatoes
    -Collard and other leafy greens – chard, lettuce
    -Green beans

    They note that you should focus on short-season veggies, and that if you have less sun, you should be prepared for a smaller yield.


    p.s. I can totally give you some worm poop, too, to get things going!

    • Thanks so much! I am so excited about this…along with everything else I have going to get a handcrafted life off the ground. Its rather helpful having a friend who has a similar sentiment.

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