Introducting: Myself

  This is me, a girl who loves t-shirts and jeans and regularly hangs out with dinosaurs. In the past year, I have bounced around this little blogosphere with several Twitter handles, a few personal blog launches that eventually failed to inspire me and a lot of self-evaluation. Since I was a little one myself, I have been writing and creating, but somehow in the “grown-up world” I had gotten away from all of that. As a result, I have ended up in a world that just never seemed to satisfy.

After some self evaluation, I began to realize that I needed to be true to myself and my passions. I am a writer, currently in the creative process for two children’s books Blueberry Summer and Creatures in the Attic. I am also a crocheter, specializing in small, amigurumi creatures. Currently, I am crafting up a storm to build inventory for the forthcoming BeeWeave Boutique.

This little space will be a place to showcase all of that is wonderful in the worlds of children’s literature and creative, child-focused crafting. I am also aiming to include family-fun projects, kid-friendly snacks and all kinds of fun. Feel free to send me a line with any suggestions or blogs, shops, crafters I should consider showcasing. Tweet me: erinbeeweave or drop me an email at: erinlindsey(dot)maurer(at)gmail(dot)com.




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